So here we are again

Last night, I fell alseep at about 11pm (yippee) woke just after 2am wide awake and have sat here ever since.

Its an interesting time to me, as everything (once again) is on hold till I know what the DWP are doing with my PIP.

I think its very wrong, that they can turn people down, make them wait more than a year, then hang around for another 28 days, while telling people, its going through.

I assume that is what is keeping me up at the moment. We are desperate for a washing machine that doesn’t sound like it is taking off and actually spins the clothes.

Also with the weather being so much colder, it would be nice to take the bus (£8 a day if you are interested) rather than the 1 hour walk twice a day.

I am waiting on all the other benefits as well to start making a decision on what they are doing. I get people are busy, but these are people, who are often in desperate situations waiting

Quite frankly is pisses me off and to be honest I have missed the last week, where I am not angry at the government for something other than Brexit.

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2 Responses to So here we are again

  1. Carol Anne says:

    did all of your benefits come through? I know pip did but he rest?

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