Productive Morning

This morning, I was up at 5am, considering I didn’t fall asleep till 1am, this is a miracle.

I pottered around for a little bit, did some stuff on the computer, waited till 7am, when I woke up Monkey, who was very grumpy.

Then checked my bank account, the bank had decided to charge us for going over our overdraft limit.

My eyes watered at the sight of it. However I was not one to bow down to these charges, so was straight on the web chat as soon as it opened, explained there was no way we can afford this and was there anything they could do.

Got the whole lot refunded plus all of next months one. TBF this was our fault, neither myself or my partner had twigged that when you use contactless it doesn’t come off automatically, we are both so use to seeing it come off straight away, that it didn’t occur to us. So I have taken that feature off, its a shame because its useful but there is no way we can take the hit every month and trying to faff around with what we have spent and used and whether that has come off or not is just going to take up more time.

I also managed to get a man to take away my washing machine, which is a whole other post, but safe to say, it hasn’t lasted the extra 2 weeks I really needed it to do, so we are going to have to figure a way to survive in the short term, till the back dated money comes through and I can shopping for a washing machine or a washer dryer, but I haven’t heard good things about the combo.

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3 Responses to Productive Morning

  1. Carol Anne says:

    is contactless banking like online? phone banking or web banking? just wasn’t sure what it was?

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