How much money is it saving?

Despite my lovely phone call this morning, I still had this idea brewing in my head, ever since my rant yesterday. I feel its important to get this out there.

In July 2017 I was assessed for PIP, which is a non means tested benefit, since then a lot has happened. I have gone downhill, I have gone uphill, I have faced some real tests and still continue to face them.

But here is the interesting thing PIP is based on what you can and can’t do the majority of the time, it has been decided by 3 experts that at the time, I couldn’t do alot in July 2017, this is based on various things such as things I said, things my partner said and the massive amount of evidence I provided. They then awarded me PIP for another 18 from the time of the Tribunal, which was in January, roughly 18 months after I had originally been turned down.

What does all this mean? It means that I have been given 3 years instead of 18 months and the thing is, if they had allowed me PIP when they first did the assessment in July 2017, they would be assessing me again now and I am unsure if I would actually get it or whether I would even hit the criteria anymore. It was all based on my anxiety and depression, both which are being managed very well at the moment. I am picking Monkey up from school 40 minutes walk away, I haven’t had a major down period for a while now.

There is nothing to say that I may go back down in the future, but its all based on the assessment day. I certainly wouldn’t qualify for a home visit anymore and I am not sure I would be able to fight it now. I am just not sure, maybe things would be very different if they hadn’t refused me, I can’t say whether or not I would still be in the same position I am now.

What is interesting though, is that if I was the same, they wouldn’t be paying me an extra 18 months. I do wonder how many other people are in the same position.

The other thing I will add, is that I am writing this after being told I am getting the money and despite thinking that they probably wouldn’t appeal it, it always has been nagging at the back of my head that I might not get this money till March, or at all, so it is a massive weight off my mind and I am feeling pretty good about life. So that attitude may be effecting the way I am seeing life at the minute.

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2 Responses to How much money is it saving?

  1. Carol Anne says:

    going through some old posts here. I don’t understand about pip. I never did. I get that its another benefit is it? But why people get it or don’t get it I cant quite wrap my head around. I am glad you have it though for a while longer.

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    • It is a benefit, but its based on what you can do the majority of the time, so for example with depression if you can cook 4 out of 7 days you wouldn’t be entitled to it, they don’t take into account how it affects you on those other 3, there is a massive list, which doesn’t take into account a shit ton of stuff with mental health


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