DWP Day 6

I checked my bank account and still no money (although this would of been a long shot) and no letter either.

Just a warning incase my council is reading this, you are next.

Here are some facts and figures for you, as to why I find the whole benefit system, particularly the tribunal stage of PIP annoying.

DWP in 2 years has spent more than £100m on appeals this is not on back payments this is on staff for it

66% of all claimants who reach the tribunal stage get it overturned

(all facts from 2017/2018)

That is mad

Roughly, the UK spends around £50 billion pounds on people with disabilities and health conditions, that supports around 3707000 people, that is around £13 thousand a year.

To put that a bit more into context national minimum wage for a year in the UK is just above £16k.

These are all very rough figures, which obviously change on a daily basis, also those on PIP and other disability benefits, get other benefits as well, but those are harder to assess as it varies from area to area. Having said that those on minimum wage are also entitled to other benefits.

However, you can see why you can go from struggling to under the poverty line in one fell swoop, when a benefit is taken away from you. Also, you have to keep in mind that if one person in a couple is on a disability benefit, there is a fair chance that the other partner is their carer, which is a massive £64.50 a week, with very little break. Carers like these save the government millions by doing it for very little, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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13 Responses to DWP Day 6

  1. I know how frustrating this has been for you, but they did say 5-7 business days. It’s likely that it will either show up on the 7th day or possibly the 8th.
    It’s just like the US standards, make the person wait and sweat it out. It’s not fair! But, I guess it’s like that no matter where you live.
    Hang in there, Sweetie! 😌

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    fingers crossed it comes in soon trina! I will pray! 🙂

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