Lets talk Washing Machines

I know its a boring subject, however I need one, normally I get a second hand one, which is going cheap or free.

I need to start doing research on it and I am going to get a new one, things I have to consider, do I want a washer dryer? We don’t have room for a separate dryer, So it would have to be combined, but then I could just buy a heated air dryer.

I don’t need it to do much, but the one thing I did notice, towards the end of my last washing machine’s life, it really wasn’t getting the cat hair off some of the clothes, so is there a washing machine like one of those vaccumes which promises to get rid of animal hair?

It needs to be a front load, I would prefer something with a quick wash as well as a normal wash.

Any websites you would recommend?


And yes at 7.30am this is my main worry so hit with your suggestions

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4 Responses to Lets talk Washing Machines

  1. We got an Indesit washer dryer 2 years ago, no complaints from the ‘operative’ I even used it once so it must user friendly 😂

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    which one did you end up buying?

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