Anxiety down, OCD up???

On Wednesday, my partner had a day off, tbh on his days off, when we don’t have monkey we tend to just have a mooching day, however this Wednesday he was ill, with a really bad cold (which I gave him, I like to share)

But Wednesday’s are hoovering day, and he spent most the day in bed and the last thing you need, is a hoover going round you, so I spent most the day on his computer, but I was acutely aware of this growing annoyance at the fact I couldn’t do the hoovering and it was very intense, it did surprise me alot, because I personally thought, I was getting better, so this came out of left field for me.

Along with this came a growing anxiety feeling as well. I was getting fidgety and really uncomfortable.

Of course as soon as I could, I did all my jobs and felt so much better. I guess I am still not there yet, but give it time.

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2 Responses to Anxiety down, OCD up???

  1. Carol Anne says:

    You’ll get there! Slowly does it girl!

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