The reason I am angry at the Government

I want to try and describe the reasons as to why I am angry at the Government for the benefit system we have in place, and to be fair its not just this Government its the opposition as well, who have already said they wouldn’t change it.

I suppose my biggest thing is the fact that around 78% of our politicians are millionaires, how are they going to make decisions for people who have to rely on food banks.

Very famously in 2013, the Minister for the Department of Work and Pensions Ian Duncan Smith claimed he could live on £53 a week. This is a man who earned £1581.02 after tax and in the same year claimed £22,731 in expenses. and he thinks he could live on £53.

The reason I mention something that is 6 years old, is this is the man who started all the benefit cuts and his party have just continued with it.

The system needed reforming, I am the first to say that, but the way it is now, is not to help the vulnerable in society, which is what it should be for, as a safety net for those who most need it. It is now there to beat people down and make them resigned to their fate as not wanted or needed by society.

People going through the system, are scared, depressed and in some cases are taking their own lives.

This is not the way it should be in a country like the UK.

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6 Responses to The reason I am angry at the Government

  1. Stephen says:

    Hi. It would be good to have you post this as a guest blogger on my 2nd blog if you’re interested:

    Glad you finally got your claim approved. It’s a horrendous process

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    I agree! It shouldn’t be this way at all!


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