The thing I hate about being ill and a parent

I may have mentioned that I was ill recently 

Its a cold, not the flu, but a really bad cold. Now as an adult, I can take medicine, whine to anyone that will listen, post about it on every single little bit of social media I have, but generally know that in a few days, I will wake up and suddenly realise I can breathe through my nose again.

As a parent when monkey gets sick, I feel helpless, I just want to make him better, at the moment, I have managed to ward this cold off him, but the thing about monkey, is that when he knows you are ill, he wants to look after you, this involves getting hot water bottle filled, piling blankets on top of you, checking your temperature and the most important thing lots of hugs and kisses, which is sweet, but just one more way for him to get this damn thing.

I have my fingers crossed, we have done enough to make sure he doesn’t get it, because it has floored me for 2 days now. It downed my partner for nearly a week. I am considering painting a red cross on my door and not coming out

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14 Responses to The thing I hate about being ill and a parent

  1. Suzi Tench says:

    Got everything crossed that Monkey doesn’t get it!!! And hope you are feeling better soon xxx

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  2. Laureen says:

    Get well soon! Our youngest child called us today: I’m getting the same as last year! (Ahhhrgh) Now we cook sage tea, give medicine and hope that the cold does not spread to the whole family. It is always the same. The best disease is no good 😉 .

    All the best for you


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  3. Hope you feel better soon! — I had a rough sinus cold of some sort a couple weeks ago, and promptly turned around and gave it to my husband. He was not amused, lol. — Here’s to hoping Monkey doesn’t get it. 🙂

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  4. ghostmmnc says:

    Such a sweet little man you have there, wanting to take care of you. Still, hope he doesn’t catch cold germs. I was in the hospital for 3 days with pneumonia a couple of weeks ago…not fun. Take care & feel better, Trina. 🙂

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    Monkeys so sweeet! Taking care of his mom! What a cutie! ❤

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