I have been through the fires of hell and survived

Ok, maybe a tad over dramatic, but that cold was bad. I am still sniffling, but I no longer feel sick when I move or dizzy when I stand up. Monkey did end up catching it, but not as bad as me, so that is one thing.

However, the one thing that did cheer me up over the last few days is my back payment did come through, it is enough for us to get a washing machine and a few other bits. Plus pay off a few debts.

With my knowledge of the DWP, I don’t want to spend any of it, till I get the letter confirming it all, so I have stashed it away with the exception of buying a washing machine. Hopefully the letter will turn up today or tomorrow confirming the amount (or at least the amount that I have spent on a washing machine.) What would be ideal, is if they say yep its all yours go nuts.

Then I can get everything cleared. I assume it will be all ok, but sometimes it is best to think the worse and hope for the best.

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6 Responses to I have been through the fires of hell and survived

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Hoping it all works out for you and you can get a washing machine!! Glad you survived your cold. They can be awful. I agree! They just seem to linger so long .

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Yay! Thank god it came through! I am so happy to hear that!

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