We should stop being angry at the wrong people

Recently everything in Britain seems to be about Brexit, for those who are unsure what this is, basically we are in the European Union, this is 28 countries in Europe who work together, because we are in this little group, we can travel to the other 27 countries fairly freely, we can work there without a visa, we can live there without becoming a member of that country.

Its actually fairly cool, but it is rather corrupt, my view is that its better to stay in and try and change it from the inside, but I am in the minority of this thinking, as 52% of people who voted wanted to leave.

This massive shit storm has been going on, for what feels like forever. The problem is that the people who wanted to remain in the EU are blaming the people who wanted to leave.

While I sort of agree, I feel they are wasting their anger and taking it out on the wrong people. The people we should be angry at are the politicians who put us in this situation. David Cameron was the Prime Minister who started this, as soon as he lost, he chucked his toys out the pram, quit and promptly ran off to somewhere not giving a fuck about the mess he left behind.

He is one of the people we should be angry at. You know who else we should be angry at, all the other politicans. I have felt this for ages but they are only trying to line their own pockets.

I was looking into the history of child benefits for a different post, this is a benefit anyone with a child can get, you get £22 a week for the first child and I believe £13 a week for any other children. The interesting point is £22 really doesn’t come close to helping you raise a child and £13 certainly does fuck all. That doesn’t even cover my gas for a week. However what I did discover is that it was frozen in 2010, where previously it had risen in line with inflation.

That is 9 years without it going up, inflation has gone up by 2.9% it doesn’t sound much a tenner in 2010 is now worth roughly £12.90

What is interesting (well to me) is that in 2010 politicians were being paid £65,378 in 2018 they are now being paid (after there must recent increase) £77,379 that is a massive 16% increase. I have no idea how they justify that.

To put this in perspective a nurse in the UK, in 2010 got £21,176, in 2018 they get £22128 that is a massive 5% increase. I suppose the good thing is that its above the rate of inflation. But Jesus, we are paying the people who might one day save our lives a pittance and we don’t even give them a decent pay rise.

As I said above, we are getting angry at the wrong people, we should be getting angry at the politicians who seem to think they are worth a 16% payrise in 8 years.

If I wanted a payrise, I would have to go to my boss and give reasons as to why I am worth that payrise, make sure I had done my work, got good reviews, done everything I had promised to.

I don’t see politicians doing that, I see them act like children every Wednesday, yelling and booing, while normal, hard working people are struggling to feed themselves, relying on food banks and generally having a shit time.

My plea to the British public, stop being angry with each other and start getting angry at the people who put us in this siutation in the first place

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4 Responses to We should stop being angry at the wrong people

  1. I totally agree. I also think that people need to invest more of their time into really understand what each politician stands for before voting. I live in Australia and it’s no better here either.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    I don’t understand the whole Brexit thing! Thanks for the explanation! I need it 😀 I do agree with you though, anger at the wrong people! irish poloticians are just as bad!

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