One more post?

Cyranny said I could get at least one post out of the fact my knee hurts. Did I mention it?

I am a right fucking pain when something hurts, I can deal with my mental health, while I can’t predict it I have so much in place for it now that when I go downhill everything is in place kicks in. Manic, no problem have a shit ton in place for that as well, anxious, more or less got that covered now as well.

Anything  physical that hits me, then the world can go to hell and just listen to me whinge till I am better, cause I am a baby.

And, and I demanded my partner pop into the hospital on his way home and get me the same drugs that I got given when I was giving birth and he refused. This has proved he doesn’t love me. He mentioned something about the fact he would be arrested if caught, not sure whether he could even get into the right ward and also if he happened to get into the ward, how would he get into the drugs cabinet that is probably closely guarded.

He just comes up with problems to my insane suggestions.

On a serious note, he is taking monkey into school tomorrow, so hopefully it will give me a chance to rest it a bit more, otherwise I am going to be faced with a painful 4 mile round walk to collect monkey or a panic attack on the bus.


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13 Responses to One more post?

  1. Cyranny says:

    whut? He wouldn’t? You just ask him to bust into the hospital’s stash of bestest painkillers available, and he would say no to you? He obviously doesn’t love you, Trina! I am sorry to say it, but I suspect he is after your money! Men are all the same… Ughhh. We just can’t rely on them when tragedy strikes!


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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Lol! You want him arrested!Admit it! 😛

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