I am still struggling with near enough everything, I am struggling to write, I have written and trashed this post so many times.

I am not sure why I am finding it so difficult to say I am struggling , its never been a problem before.

I am worried, that this time its different and I don’t want people to know what I might do.

I know that seems worrying, but the thing is I don’t feel suicidal, so I have no idea what this might mean.

I will just keep clinging to what ever I can and go from there

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13 Responses to Struggling

  1. Trina, I too find myself struggling. It is a new month and I wish to find new hope but as it looks right now, not so good. Bleakness sucks when the sun is shining.

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  2. Stay Alive says:

    Shift your mindset from surviving to LIVING and you’ll notice a change. Google the topic of you may 😊

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  3. joyroses13 says:

    Hang in there and I am glad you reached out to say that you are struggling, even if you don’t know why. You don’t have to. Hugs to you!!

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  4. I’ve been in a real slump lately too as far as writing goes. I think some is depression and some is maybe a little bit of burnout.

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  5. fakeflamenco says:

    You are brave enough to speak out about it. Thousands of people around the world are thinking of you and wishing you well. Peace, Rebecca

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  6. Carol Anne says:

    I can relate! I am also struggling! A lot! I am sory things are so hard! Keep hanging in we’re all here! ❤

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