Ranting away

I am fairly sure anyone who has read my blog for longer than a week, will know that I dislike our government (all of it) and have a special disdain for the Conservative party.

Badly for me, I live in an area which is blue blooded, meaning if a trout went up for an election as long as they said they were a Tory, they would get voted in.

To be fair the trout might not a better job than a lot of the politicians at the moment.

However for once this is not a rant at the government as such, this is a massive rant about our local council, which is probably not unsurprising a conservative government.

Just for the record conservative is more right winged than left winged. Our local council, is there to look after the local areas needs.

Which in my case means for my block of 22 flats they have given us 6 general waste bins and only 1 recycling bin. I don’t know about the other flats, but I generate very little general waste, I do on the other hand generate enough recycling to fill a black bag a week.

My food waste is also minimal, but I do have some. Surely for the sake of the planet, you give us 5 recycling bins and 2 general waste bins. It makes little difference to them, since they are having to have someone come and pick up the 1 recycling bin, but it will make a massive difference to the planet not to have that amount of shit on it.

The only plus side to this, is I have finally gotten something to yell at someone for. I have been at a bit of a lose end, since I sorted out my benefits

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2 Responses to Ranting away

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Lol. You go girl! Yell your flipping head off at the plonkers! 😀

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