I will not lose this fight!!!

I don’t know whether anyone else has heard or even watches Whose line is it anyway?, it was made in the 80s in the UK and has since moved over the US, where it has been restarted again.

I use to love it and they have recently started showing the UK version again, I managed to find a couple of series of the new one.

But I can’t find anything in between and I really really really want to watch them.

Its basically an improve show, the host gives them a line and they go on from there, it can be a bit shakey but most the time it is so funny.

I have figured that they might all be on one site, but that site is only accessed in the USA. Guess where I do live?? Yep the US, so I am trying to figure ways round it. They must of cracked down on youtube, because they are not there either and I really hate downloading from illegal sites as you never know what you are going to get.

I will figure a way round it

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2 Responses to I will not lose this fight!!!

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Is it on any of the streaming sites? net flicks? Or now tv?

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