I should not…

Start an argument with idiots on the internet.

Its not good for me, especially when I am right

Should always remember this


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7 Responses to I should not…

  1. I’ve reduced speaking with idiots about current politics about 90%. Feel so much better. Probably added a few years to my life span.

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    • Normally I avoid them all, but this one was just too much to pass up (it went along the lines of if we get rid of all the foreign people, then there would be enough jobs for everyone)


      • If we got rid of all foreign people just in the field of medicine we would have as many as 40% fewer doctors in the country. People would also be shocked how many immigrants work in the defense and intelligence areas too. We have too few natural born Americans in the sciences all around.

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      • Its very much the same in the UK, we get rid of all the foreign people, the NHS which we are so proud of, is going to go downhill quicker than it already is.


  2. Carol Anne says:

    Lol! Your always right, dear!

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