Well this could blow up

For those of you who don’t know I do surveys, loads and loads of them. I don’t earn much from them, but enough to make it worth it. Normally I get Amazon vouchers and then get a supermarket shop from Amazon.


However, I recently heard about comping, which is doing loads of competitions, so I found a site that have tons of them on and I started.

Hopefully this is going to get easier, as I went as far back as I can to start, most of those are finishing in the next few days so who knows.

If you see a post of me celebrating with my brand new bedroom set, we will figure out it might be worth it

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6 Responses to Well this could blow up

  1. Ohh I’m so interested to see how you go! Good luck!
    I have always wondered if you actually got something back from doing surveys (or if it was a scam) so you taught me something new today lol!

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    • There are a lot of scam survey websites out there, but there are quite a few which aren’t. I average about £40-£50 a month, considering the effort I put in, its sometimes not worth it, but it does add up and if they pay using paypal, I leave it in there till we might need it for whatever reason, but at the moment we are trying to save up for furniture so that is what we are using it for

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    enjoy! hope you win some new stuff!

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