In my last post….

I tried to explain the UKs local elections. One of the main reasons why I did this was because just before the local elections, I posted on facebook about the fact I was fairly pissed off that not one of the representives had come to talk to me, I hadn’t have a leaflet there was nothing to tell me who the hell they were and what they were standing for.

Its a pain in the backside to vote anyway for most people, but to not have any information is even more frustrating.

This led one of the people who wanted to be elected to contact me. Now, he is a conservative, which is not always a bad thing, but it depends on where he believes in all their policies or whether it is just the party he most thinks represents him.

But we had a quick chat and then when I went down to the voting booth. I saw him. Once again he was the only represesentive there and he came across as very nice.

Later that evening, he contacted me on facebook to just say any problems then let me know and if I get elected we can have a chat about things you might think need changing.

Yesterday, I messaged him and said congratulations for being elected (just) and he messaged me back, asking if we can meet up and have a chat.

I like where I am living but there are a couple of issues, like the nearest park being half an hour walk. No recyclable bins for my block of flats. The street lights going off at 1am, now this doesn’t effect me now but in my last place it effected a lot of people, lets face it I could reel off a stack of problems.

But jesus did I freeze when I saw that message, I can’t go and have a conversation face to face with someone I don’t know. What the fuck am I going to say???

I am going to have to answer him at some point, but jesus, stop being so nice and start being an arsehole and ignore me like the rest of the councillors.

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8 Responses to In my last post….

  1. Barb says:

    He seems rather forward. If you decide to meet with him, do it in a public space for sure.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Poloticians are always so bloody forward! Go if you want to but just be mindful, he might be just all nicey nice to your face just because he’s new at the job!

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