So we had our local elections.

I am going to give a quick idea of what these are about. The UK is made up of 4 countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

When I talk about the Government, I am talking about the party which all 4 countries have voted for and got the majority win, last time it was the Conservative Party under Teresa May. The Conservative Party is right of centre on the political scale, they were the ones that started the whole leaving the EU (European Union) by having a referendum on it, then by making one of the biggest bullsup I and most the country have ever seen.

Then you have Labour which is the opposition, they are left of centre and so far have done sweet fuck all. They have yet to make a decision where they stand on Brexit

Finally you have the Lib Dems. these guys are meant to be centre, a few years ago, they jumped into bed with the conservative party and promised they wouldn’t put up university fees and then as soon as they got into power did. This lost them a shit ton of votes and in the next general election the people spoke by voting them out of everywhere possible. However they went to stay in the EU or at the very least have another referendum

There are other smaller parties such as the Green party and UKIP and all Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own parties.

So that is national government. Local government is made up of people who live in the area and stand, they can stand as a party member or as an Independent.

The important thing is these guys don’t really have anything to do with something like Brexit, they are very much on the ground dealing with things such as bin collections, potholes, planning permision. That sort of thing.

For some reason people are not able to figure this out, so what happened in the local election was, what can only be described as a bloodbath for the Conservatives and to some extent Labour as well.

My area is a conservative area and I honestly never thought that would change, however we went from having 34 conservatives to 18. Not only that but we got the Green party in and also Lib Dems went from having 1 to having 11. At one point it was so close I thought the Lib Dems were going to do it.

It means a massive change is having in most of England. Northern Ireland’s didn’t really change and Wales and Scotland didn’t have local elections this year.

But and this is where it starts getting interesting, both Northern Ireland and Scotland wanted to remain in the EU, so if we base the local results on the fact this was about Brexit and Northern Ireland looks like it still wants to stay and I am fairly sure Scotland does. It does look like it might come down to Wales.

There you go a bit of politics for you

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8 Responses to So we had our local elections.

  1. Suze says:

    Holy crap! Do you ever wonder if the russians interfered with ya’ll’s elections too and pushed brexit down everyone’s throats? I have yet to hear of a single person (just a citizen, not a party person) say they want brexit.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    you know a lot more than me! I know jack shit about my government I have no interest!

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    Thanks, it helps a lot to have the local perspective to explain what the changes mean. Very interesting results! -Rebecca

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