I am so confused

Its rare I get confused but Amazon have done it.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I put in an order for shopping, we need food, the payment got declined. This was my mistake, online shopping in the UK they dont take the money till the day the shopping is due , I wasn’t getting any money till Thursday, Amazon tried to take their money on Wednesday.

Fair enough, I owed them the money, so I waited till the money hit my account in the hope I could get same day delivery, this didn’t happen. I have to wait till tomorrow

Bugger, but when I went to reorder I realised I was short on my gift vouchers by £8 not a lot of money but to me it is.

So I contacted Amazon Help, they informed me that the reason I was short is that they were delivering 2 bags of cat litter today which was £8. That was confusing, then they confused me even more by offering a refund. I am not sure why I am getting the refund.

Even more confusing I have checked my bank account and they haven’t taken the money, its just sat there. I will wait till midnight to see if they take it and then inform them. The order is still active.

I am just very confused by the whole thing, and to answer any questions yes I got the cat litter, so far I haven’t received the refund and yes my freezer is now defrosted 

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2 Responses to I am so confused

  1. Carol Anne says:

    did you get your order yet? or a refund?

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