In what world??

Who lives in Ohio? If you do, do you believe in this whole heartbeat law? Do you think exceptions should be allowed?

What about anyone else who lives in any other of the States that are either bringing this in or want to bring it in do you think there should be exceptions?

I don’t usually get angry but to read about an 11 year old child who has been raped and due to this law is going to be forced to have a baby because of it, makes me very very angry.

I would love someone to explain the logic to me because trying to get my head round the law in Ohio, the rapist could possibly maybe get their parental rights taken away.

What does this teach us all? Its fucking bullshit and more should be done to protect this child, 6 weeks is not long enough for a lot of women to know they are pregnant.

Also assuming this child is going to have to go through with this, live the trauma every second, of every minute of every hour of every day for another 8 fucking months. Then what?

The child gets put into state care? Private adoption? This law has the potential to fuck up so many lives.

Ultimately it comes down to whether abortion is right or wrong, the problem is its never that black and white and also it should be no one elses decision what this child and her family decide, I don’t know if there were any females involved in this decision, but there should of been and a lot of them. Infact I would go as far to say this should be a decision that only 50% of the human race decide because their decision is the one they are stuck with, the father always has a choice to walk away most women don’t get that choice.

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9 Responses to In what world??

  1. Carol Anne says:

    I agree! Its a fucking joke. A stupid ass law. xx

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  2. I hadn’t heard about this, but it doesn’t surprise me. The separation of church and state set forth when this country was founded is being totally pissed on by right-wing conservatives who like to sit on high and judge everyone. And in the process, their ability to think rationally has been severely compromised. This is a ridiculous circumstance, and making a raped 11 year old deliver this baby is utterly absurd.

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  3. Barb says:

    Wow. That is total bullshit. I can’t even… By the way, I lived in Columbus for a couple of years. Now I’m in Chicago.

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