I got a lovely surprise

On Saturday, the postman shoved something through my door. I sighed thinking is was another bill or something else I didn’t want.


It was my lovely friend Eve (you might know her as Candice.) They are

If you are not sure here is her blog


She is an amazing lady and been through so much and shares it with such a raw honesty.

Thank you once again Eve.

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12 Responses to I got a lovely surprise

  1. How nice! I love getting happy unexpected mail!

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    what did she send you? xo

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  3. I am so glad you finally received them 🙂 The picture on the one, not the postcard, is from a very old Fairytale book. I sent out a few more and those lovely people have yet to receive theirs and they are closer to me than you!!! Not sure what is going on with the post these days but I hope they receive theirs soon – like…today. Lol

    Tell Monkey I am sorry I forgot about him but that won’t happen again, promise (I don’t make promises but make an exception for Monkies ;))

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