Trina Inquires 14/5 /19

What did you achieve today?


See why I have started doing this, check here

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10 Responses to Trina Inquires 14/5 /19

  1. Cyranny says:

    Hmmmm I achieved to post my Quickie late… but it is nothing compared to yesterday: I achieved to forget to post one at all… Dang time zones!

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  2. Fabricated a wrist cock-up splint for a CVA patient, taught a patient how to safely transfer on and off a shower bench, dealt with State Surveyors here for our annual audit of our facility and didn’t bark at anyone, and I drove home without killing someone in traffic. Thus far, it’s been a banner day. 😃

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  3. Barb says:

    I managed to shower lol

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    I achieved sleep! I had an early night and it did me good!

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