Yadda, yadda, yadda


Ok I could of come up with a better line, but literally that is all I have in my head. Its a wee bit empty at the moment.

I did everything today, I needed to do, I even spent a few hours sorting lego.  I am not depressed, I am not manic, I even manged to get to Monkey’s school without a massive anxiety attack.

I also managed to cycle up the massive hill.

I cooked dinner, I washed the dishes, I did the washing.

The thing is, if you are wondering, but Trina why the fuck does this even make a post, its a normal thing for people.  Its because this is not a usual thing for me its becoming more regular, I do admit, but now, I am not spending days catching up because my OCD won’t let me rest or because I am really struggling with depression, or my anxiety is making me clock watch till I have to leave my flat.

I am doing normal shit and fuck that is scary

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13 Responses to Yadda

  1. Suze says:

    no…NOT scary! NO! It is progress and something to be damned PROUD of! Good for you!

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    So cool and happy for you!!! Glad you shared. You have a right to be proud!

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  3. Barb says:

    Doing “normal” things are BIG things to people with depression. You did great!

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  4. Mya Taylor says:

    It’s your blog and you can write about whatever you choose! That’s the beauty of them…and you were far more active than I was today even though I was feeling super chill. ✌🏾

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    You got loads done! Well done girl! You are doing great! ❤

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  6. Bryan Fagan says:

    It sounds like you are turning the corner and showing it who’s boss. This is the good stuff. Damn straight!!!!


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