Lets get this updated

For a while I have been meaning to update my about page, to include the people who are in my life and who I mention, plus give a few more people nicknames, so I thought now would be a good time to do that.


So who do we have?

Trina – This is me, lets face it, I am the most important person in this blog
Monkey – This is my son, he is 7 years old (at time of post) Lego mad, at the moment his favourite things are Star Wars and Lego

Partner- I should come up with a more inventive name for him, We have been together 9 years, known each other off and on for over 20 years
Gizmo – 3 legged ginger cat
Sheldon – 4 legged black and white cat. This one is an arsehole

Wolverine – My Stepson, he is awesome

C – One of my best friends, we have been through some really tough times together, she drives me nuts by correcting my grammar all the fucking time, however she proof reads a lot of my posts, not only for spelling and grammar errors but for facts as well. She is awesome.

M – If you ever see a reblog about books, with the phrase “for a friend”, on my blog its for her, also corrects my grammar. She is also awesome.

That’s it to be honest, I do have family and some more friends but for some reason alot of them are very private people, they are weird like that.

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9 Responses to Lets get this updated

  1. Great post 🙂

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  2. Forestwood says:

    I call my partner MOTH – (man of the house). Not sure he knows. Nice to meet you Trina.
    Amanda in Australia

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