Big Step

If you didn’t know, I do competitions, loads and loads of competitions. So far in the less than 2 months I have won twice, they have been small prizes, but even so I did win. Although I am still waiting for one to arrive, any day now.

I only enter the ones that I actually want, so lego sets, furniture, hoovers. That sort of thing.

I avoid things such as gardening stuff, as I don’t have a garden. New bathroom/kitchen type things and also holidays.

I figure that if I am having difficulty getting to monkey’s school 2 miles down the road, then I am going to have a tough time getting to Spain.

BBBUUUUUTTTT there is a competition for a family of four to get an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland Florida, it has to be used by 2020.

So I went for it, chances are I am not going to win it and quite frankly the thought is petrifying, but they are normally not transferable, so if I did happen I am going to have to go.

mmmm, maybe this was a mistake

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3 Responses to Big Step

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Wouldn’t it be so crazy if you won? It would be also cool!

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