A sick little monkey

After the excitement of sports day  I picked Monkey up later and he was complaining that his head hurt.

Got him home as fast as possible, both of us got soaked, he got in, went and put on his PJs and crawled into bed 😦

He is feeling very hot but his temp is only slightly above average, going to keep an eye on him tonight and see what tomorrow brings. I am hoping its the change in the weather, as my partner gets like this as well (currently also asleep in bed)

Hopefully they will both feel better by tomorrow.

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18 Responses to A sick little monkey

  1. Cyranny says:

    Sending my warm thoughts to both of them…. I hope everyone is better soon! xx

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  2. Suzi Tench says:

    I hope it is the weather and that they are better soon! Air pressure changes affect me and it’s horrid! Xxx

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  3. ghostmmnc says:

    awww Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon.

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  4. Barb says:

    I hope Monkey feels better soon.

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    awe! hoping he feels better soon! you know its bad when he went to bed without you asking!

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