I am ringing cause you have been in an accident

To try and improve my life, I am trying to answer the phone on more than a Friday.

The bad thing about this, is if I answer the homephone, unless my partner is just finishing work, then it will be some sort of a cold call.

I know this because only 2 people have the landline, one is me and the other is my partner.

This afternoon the phone rang, my partner is in the kitchen cooking lunch. So I know its not him.

I answer it, this is how the conversation went
Me: hello

Voice: Hello this is Brian

Me: <sigh> Yep
Brian: I am phoning with regards to the accident you have had

Me: Nop not been in an accident
Brian: Maybe your partner
Me: Nop but I can check
Me: Baby have you been in accident
Partner: Nop

Me: Nop no accidents happening here
Brian: It was when you had a bump in your car
Me: No car in the household
Brian: I mean when you were in the taxi
Me: Don’t do taxis
Brian: Maybe the bus
Me: Don’t do buses
brian: It must be your family member

Me: No, he doesn’t drive, doesn’t take taxis or the bus
Brian: Maybe we have a wrong number
Me: you don’t say, well take me off your database so I don’t get called again please. Oh and who did sell you this number?
brain Hangs up

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8 Responses to I am ringing cause you have been in an accident

  1. Cyranny says:

    I have a similar problem with our phone company. Only it is in person, and not on the phone… They send salesmen on the road to try to get customers of other companies to switch to theirs… But we’re already with them.

    In the past couple of years, they came SEVEN times! And each time, I had to argue with them (because they seem to think that I tell them I’m already with their company just to get rid of them). I told chéri that the next time one of their rep shows up, I’ll file a complaint to the company.

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  2. Barb says:

    Wow, he was really reaching lol!

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    bloody hell! He was insistant! What a jerk!

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