Well it turns out, that infact my partner and monkey were both ill.

Monkey’s temp spiked to 39.6 (103f) at one point. Which meant he was home all day today, but whatever it is, it seems to be a 24 hour bug. As by bedtime, his temp was right down to 36.

It has been a day of cuddles and snuggles on the sofa though, Monkey is as bad as me when he is ill, but he lacks the words to vocalise what is wrong, so I get his head is hurting and he is hot and cold, but nothing specific. I was getting worried he had managed to get the flu but if he is well tomorrow, then we can all assume it is just a horrible 24 hour bug.

As soon as he went down to bed, I flaked on the sofa, cursing them both, as I have a horrible feeling I may of caught it.

I have just woken up, ready to drag myself to bed and realised I had forgotten to do something really important, so have done that and wrote this and now off to bed, to hopefully sleep whatever this bug is.


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4 Responses to Today

  1. Suzi Tench says:

    Fingers crossed that you are all better soon xxx

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Oh I really hope you don’t catch it! Did you sleep?

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