Danger Danger

I had a real urge to play bingo the other week.

Now, I have learnt from my various addictions that I don’t stop, so I tend to stay away from any types of gambling.

However, on this occassion I couldn’t lose, because I had been given a free £5 deposit for just joining up.

TBF I did win and take out £55, I must of spent about the same, as everytime I won I would half and half it. so win a tenner £5 goes to me, £5 I spend.

Here is the few interesting things I discovered, if I could have I would have spent a shit ton more.

When I started to run out of money, the nice system took me to the withdrawal screen and asked me if I wanted to reverse those transactions.

Because I hadn’t put any money in (thus not using my debit card) to get the money I had withdrawn would take a shit ton longer, but never fear the system took me to the payments screen and said it would take 48 hours to receive my money if I deposited some money, plus they would give me 250% extra.

Now I remember why I don’t go near these sites normally. As soon as I get my £55 I am shutting down the account, last thing I need is a shit ton of gambling debt on top of everything else.

But it is really tempting.

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1 Response to Danger Danger

  1. Carol Anne says:

    shut it down hon as soon as you get it! its so dangerous, especially when you have an addictive personality or addictive personality traits! xo


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