Lets talk politics with a twist

For those who are unaware our Prime Minister, Teresa May resigned. Now I am not sure how it works in other countries but for the UK we vote for a party not a person.

Technically we could go through 326 plus PM’s without having another General Election in 5 years. This is very unlikely to happen, as its very likely the rest of parliament would force an election but it is possible. Also the other reason why is because while we don’t vote for the leader we vote for the party, there are always mutterings of unelected leader.

Except its not, they have been elected, just by members of their party, not by the country as a whole.

Today, we went into the voting system to see who is going to be the next PM, this vote is amongst the Conservative MPs only, no one else gets a choice. So the people up for the vote are Boris Johnson, he is the favourite and also has destroyed many diplomatic relationships after being foreign secretary, plus we are not sure exactly how many children he has, he is not nice about gay people, Muslims, women, disabled I could go on but I think you get the idea. Next is Jeremey Hunt, basically he destroyed the NHS and we had our first major doctor’s strike, when he was the NHS minister, then we have Michael Gove, he destroyed the Education system, when he was Minister for Education.

Finally we had Sajid Javid, now to be fair to this guy, as far as I know he hasn’t destroyed anything but given half the chance probably would. However this also meant he was going to be voted out in the first round of voting today.

Now I could go into my thoughts but its far more fun to ask Monkey what he thinks.

Monkey: Why is it exciting?
Me: Because we are watching who is going to be our next PM
Monkey: Did Teresa May die?
Me: No she resigned
Monkey: Why?
Me: Because of Brexit
Monkey: Could she not handle Brexit
Me: No, she couldn’t

Sajid Javid, did indeed get voted out, so we went to the next round of voting, leaving us with what can only be considered as the three worst. Monkey was still very focused on Teresa May though

Monkey: But why couldn’t Teresa May deliver Brexit
Partner: Because she couldn’t deliver what people wanted because people didn’t know what they wanted
Monkey: I know what I want I want Lego
Partner: Because of Brexit Lego is going to go up
Monkey: Damn evil Brexit

In this round Gove got voted out, now it goes to the party members, the main problem with this is most Tory voters, especially the party members, are white, rich and over 55.

Basically meaning that the guy who has promised tax breaks to those that earn over £80k is the one going to win. At the moment those who earn over £50k pay 40p in the £1 tax, if this was to go ahead, those earning less than £80k would pay 25p in the £1, this is the idea of  Boris Johnson, on a side note to this, at the moment the basic wage for an MP is £79k a year, I am sure that has nothing to do with it though.

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7 Responses to Lets talk politics with a twist

  1. I remember my Partner uttering with distaste, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but what I wouldn’t give to *just have bad-old GW Bush back…” Seems like your choices will could be very quickly leading to the same expressions about Theresa May. Hold on to your seats…the Trumpocalypse can *always* get worse 😦

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  2. P.S. – that comment was a bit of a mess because I just woke up and ADHD pronoun use is, erm, “unique.” The “your” was the U.K. in that sentence!

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    Damn! All politicians suck! All of ours here do too!

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