Time to grow up?

I have spent 37 years on this planet. Lets ignore the first 18, when I was a child, leaving me with 19 years making my own decisions and making mistakes and success.

All 19 of those I have had mental health issues, the last 6 they have been serious enough to stop me from making my own living.

I am now getting to the point, of being able to work again. I still have another 30 years of working, so I need to do something. I have touched on working before on this blog, but I have hit a brick wall in what I want to do, I have tried doing so courses, but I just don’t have the attention span to sit down and learn stuff, I need to learn as I do not read about it.

Getting a job anywhere without a degree seems really tough however, getting a job having not been in the market for 6 years is almost impossible.

I have a list of jobs I don’t want to do, but am I able to be that fussy? Whatever I end up doing, needs to be in line with Monkey and his school and my partner’s shifts. What is the point of working to pay childcare?

I will admit I have been lucky (?) to have been able to stay with Monkey, but if I am going to be honest I would much rather have had my mental health stable and a job.

Just thinking of working sends me into a tizz. Does that mean I am not ready? Or just nervous about changing my status quo?

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10 Responses to Time to grow up?

  1. Adulthood ain’t easy. Old age is worse. But if you can find meaningful and pleasant work and workplace, I’d recommend doing it.

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  2. Any kind of change can be scary, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t ready. You are stronger than you think you are and incredibly brave. Look at how far you have come and what you’ve overcome. Begin by getting any job, then you will have an income and can decide what it is you want to do, maybe write a book!

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    Let’s talk transferable skills. Trina is compassionate, funny, organized, a great networker, diligent, smart and good with computers. Professional mental health advocate supporting an online network of mental health consumers? If it doesn’t exist, it should. -Rebecca

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    Seems we’re all looking for jobs! I am starting out too! I haven’t ever held down a real job! Need to start now!

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