A lovely weekend, but christ the anxiety is bad

It was a really hot weekend here, well Saturday was. Sunday it went much much cooler.

We had a chilled out weekend. I was so thrilled to eventually catch up on emails, cleaning and spending time with monkey,

Then today, anxiety hit me badly, I spent most the afternoon in bed curled up with the animals. It took a large amount of will power to go pick Monkey up from school and if I could of gotten away with it, I wouldn’t of moved.

I am not sure what triggered it, the only thing that was different today is a neighbour said hello to us as we walked passed.

I can’t believe my anxiety is still so bad that a stranger saying hello is going to trigger if off to this extent.


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20 Responses to A lovely weekend, but christ the anxiety is bad

  1. Simon says:

    That’s pretty bad, it must be so frustrating and painful to cope with. Sending hugs

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    how awful for you! anxiety can do that to us too sometimes. we get so anxious, its just horrible! all we can do on days like that is go to bed.

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