Random thought

For some reason last night, I ended up watching a show about being a Brit being locked up abroad.

At time I have a degree of sympathy for some people who fuck up because they might not of known they had to have their shoulders covered up.

Yes if you are going abroad, then you should learn the basic customs, but sometimes you fuck up.

However, smuggling 2kg of coke through customs or stealing something off a stall or getting royally pissed and stealing a golf buggy is not exactly that sort of thing.

I am not sure if the show was designed to show these people in a sympathic light, but thats certainly how it was coming across and I also am not sure if I am cold hearted bitch but I had no fucking sympathy for any of them.

Using the excuse I was really drunk, is not a reason to disrespect the country you are in and steal something.

I am never sure if some Brits are really arrogrant in thinking the rules of other countries don’t apply to them, but that is certainly how these people were coming across.

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4 Responses to Random thought

  1. Darlene says:

    I see them here in Spain all the time. For some reason, they think they can get away with things they would never do at home. sigh.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    unfortunately they’re known for it. the brits being disrespectful abroad I mean. xo

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