Its only for the weekend

The weekend coming up, Monkey is off on holiday to the seaside.

I think I have covered the ground rules with him. No running in the sea fully dressed and do not leave the caravan unless you are with a sensible adult.

Anything else can be covered while he is there. He is going with my family, so will be spoilt rotten.

I was given the chance to go and to be honest if I know now, what was going to happen to my partner’s job (I will be going into this at a later date) I probably would have gone.

But hey ho, a weekend of no lego is going to be nice and monkey is going to have a great time.

However, I am going to miss him loads, I know I talk like he is an annoying child, but the truth is, he only that about 5% of the time, the rest of the time he is an amazing little boy.

I dont really want him to go, but it will be great for him and probably the only time he is going to get away. The summer holiday is being planned close to home with only a couple of day trips.

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5 Responses to Its only for the weekend

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Awe I hope he has fun! That’s lovely that your family are takng him with them! Xxxx

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  2. Enjoy the break! 😊😊

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