A childfree weekend

Monkey had a great time at his weekend away. He came home with more stuff than he left with and with what I am fairly sure was most the beach as well.

So what did I do? Well my partner was working all the weekend, which was just typical, so I spent most the weekend just chilling out. However we did decided to spoil ourselves and go out for something to eat, somewhere we wouldn’t normally go with monkey, ended up going to Wagamama. I must admit, I don’t like wagamama’s, however my partner does.

It was really amazing


I treated myself to a cocktail, which I wasn’t a massive fan, but the food was really really good. Hopefully we will go back again. Normally we would have looked at a more local type place, but because we were so indecisive of where we wanted to go, we left it too late to book anywhere.

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11 Responses to A childfree weekend

  1. Carol Anne says:

    sounds nice! I’m glad you had fun, and monkey, too!

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  2. Cyranny says:

    You two definately deserved to treat yourselves!! Good for you 🙂 Nice to see you had a good time out! xx

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    Fancy grownup meal! Yum.

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  4. Barb says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

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