I maybe fitter than I thought

I went to pick monkey up this afternoon, I could have gotten the bus, but decided that the ten pounds it would cost me on a non air conditioned bus, I may as well do it for free on my bike at least that way I would get a breeze on occasion.

I forgot about the fact I needed to pick some thing ups, this is done at roughly 2.3 miles away from my flat.

I ended up doing the 2.3 miles with roughly 2 stone on my back (about 28 pounds or 12kg)

Plus doing it with Monkey is tow, who likes to stop and talk as well, by the time we got back, I hurt. Alot.

But I did it and my chest didn’t explode and a few hours later my shoulders feel ok, although I have not put it to the test.

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3 Responses to I maybe fitter than I thought

  1. Cyranny says:

    Yay you!! 🙂 Well done xx

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    good for you! I am glad you made it!

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