Well this is interesting

Well if you are in the UK it could be of interest.

In the Houses of Parliament, we elect 650 MPs, out of the parties, one has a majority to be able to then lead the country.

What happened at the last General Election is the Tory Government, got in but with a minority which means, that if all the other MPs got together they wouldn’t of been able to force anything through, so they made a deal with the DUP which gave them a majority, just.

However I have just been looking at to see where our new PM stands.

And oooohh, due to the shitstorm that has been Brexit, people have quit, changed parties, made new parties so its been a bit of a jumble.

However what we have is

Tory Party has 311 people and the DUP (who they made a deal with) have 10 giving them 321

All the rest of the parties added together is 320

Now for the eagle eyed of you, you will figure out that is not 650 and you would be right, its not, we don’t include the speaker of the house, there is also a vacancy, which should leave me 7 which are Sinn Féin, who don’t take up their places in the House of Parliament.

This is a long and complicated thing and one I am not qualified to really go into, but suffice to say they probably will never sit in the House of Parliament.

Basically if that vacant seat goes to someone in one of the other parties, then we have a bit of a stalemate and if the rumour is true that the Tory Party are going to have to renegotiate with the DUP as their deal was with the previous PM, Teresa May, then it gets even more interesting, because no one will go into a deal with the Tory Party anymore. Non of the other parties, believe in Brexit, yes they have some MPs that do, but not enough to force it through. There are also people in the Tory party who don’t agree with Brexit, where as a lot of the other parties are very much remain.


Who knows what is going to happen, but its going to be a fun 6 months and all those that read this blog will go away having learnt how not to run a UK government


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2 Responses to Well this is interesting

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Lol now I should talk about how not to run an irish government, ours is as bad as the UK, crooks, liars, you name it we have it! Our health care system is shot, our housing situation is shot. ug!

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