Thank God for Scheduling

With it being the summer holidays and my new challenge to get me out and about, we are going to be busy, so I am not going to have the time to write out a lot of posts.

I will try and keep you updated, however I want to spend as much time with Monkey as I can this summer holiday, so the usual time I would spend into writing some posts is just not there.

However the Links will still happen, at various times as will my questions in the evening (my time) also I am going to try and post my one photo at around midday.

I am going to try and readjust my blog at some point to make everything easier to find, but that might be a job for a Sunday, when my partner is off or September

The Weekend Share will remain as well, mainly because I am 9 weeks off getting to my hundred and 6 weeks out will really annoy me.

The other benefit is all of these can be scheduled, so I can do most of them on a Sunday, schedule them all and then bugger off, so please forgive me if I don’t get back to your comments as quick as normal.

All going well, I will be back to usual come September

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4 Responses to Thank God for Scheduling

  1. Carol Anne says:

    I hope you’ll enjoy the summer! I am enjoying mine! I love scheduling!

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