Its cancellation time

My partner started his new job this week, properly.

This however, as thrown up a few issues, mainly with doctors appointments and Monkey. Normally I would just say I have this appointment at this time and my partner would arrange his shifts. Now he is working set times, which means over the summer holiday, this is not possible. A few I can take Monkey to, stick some headphones on and he is a goodun.

Others though, I can’t take him, even with headphones, so I am having to cancel them, hopefully we will get to a point, where monkey can be left alone for an hour or so, but this is going to take time, not to mention me not freaking out by the fact he is alone, so maybe when he is 30/31

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2 Responses to Its cancellation time

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Lol 😀 laughing at himm being 30 31 and not alone! 😀 I’d be like you though if I had a kid freaking out at every turn!

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