Its getting tougher

I usually get a rest from going out, even when Monkey is at school. However with the summer holidays, I can’t keep both of us in all the time (no matter how much I want to) which is partly why I started up my summer photo challenge.

I am nearly a week in and its getting harder, the anxiety is kicking in earlier and taking longer to go away once I am back. I am exhausted and need to sleep. I get grumpy and irritable and while Monkey is asking if we can to xyz, in my head I am screaming nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Out loud I am going yes we can go on this day. I am keeping the hope it is going to get easier. I just hope it happens soon.

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4 Responses to Its getting tougher

  1. V says:

    Sending love and strength your direction to make it through the rest of summer ❤

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Big hug! Anxiety is a bitch!

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