This is so weird

I watched a TV programme on bounty hunters this evening. The UK doesn’t have these and my knowledge is limited to Dog the Bounty Hunter.


So learning a little bit more about the American justice system was useful and interesting, the main difference is we don’t bail people out in the UK.

I suppose the other big difference is we don’t have guns, so it would never work here.

What I did get from the programme, was that you can really advertise anything in America and that bails bondsmen seem to prey on the poorest people. Because obviously if you have $1000 for bail, you wouldn’t have to use them.

I get why the need for bounty hunters if you are going to do bail someone out, but to me it just seems to be a new way to pray on the poor.

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3 Responses to This is so weird

  1. Suze says:

    it is a way to prey on the poor. Our system is so totally screwed up and I can say that because I worked within the system for several years. If you are poor, you are ten times more likely to find yourself in jail and with a set bond. you have no way to pay it so ask family to go to a bondsman..they pay the bail for a whole lot more money owed to them. get charged and bail is “posted” at 1000.00…..a bondsman will pay it for you BUT you have to pay BACK 3200.00! and if you are late on a
    bond fee you can get thrown back into jail with no way out until after your “speedy” trial..which each state has up to 364 days to schedule! The Federal government doesn’t have bail. if you are charged and jailed, you sit there until trial….unless you are rich. Then the judge will generally let you go home until trial.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    I agree! Its definitely a way to pray on the most vulnerable and poor!

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