Wish me luck

Tomorrow I am going to the cinema.


I know, that sentence shouldn’t drive fear into my heart, but I fucking hate the cinema, as in I would rather offer monkey up to Imhotep and sacrificed to the ancient Gods.

And I have spent a shit ton of time, energy and money on the wee one.

However, I am apparently going. I dont want to, but its a lovely treat for monkey. I feel the sacrificing idea may get me out of it, but that is literally the only way, he is excited my mum (who is the one taking him, read that as paying) is excited. Guess who is not?

The only way I am now able to get out of it, is if I end up in the hospital having broken something. Its an idea, but I don’t like pain.


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6 Responses to Wish me luck

  1. I sincerely hope it’s not as awful as you think it will be. But, if I have to be honest… I’m fearful of going to the theatre to watch a movie. So, I’m probably the worse person to coach you through it.
    Good luck, Sweetie!! Just keep in mind that this is for Monkey! 💕

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    good luck hun! You can do it! ❤ love! so much love!

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