Am I finally done?

I think I have finally caught up, as soon as I did my last email on my last job, the anxiety in my chest went away, it had been building so long, I felt a bit empty.

Monkey was so good today, we had an indoor day, even though the weather looked nice, so I could catch up, he ended up doing a 40 minute video on how to carry scissors safely, which I heard him doing and then had to watch.

I am feeling much better now everything is done, till tomorrow, when it all starts again. I think I am going to have to talk to someone (medical) as this is getting stupid now.

Maybe my anxiety isn’t what we thought it was and more OCD induced, which would change things a bit. Or maybe my anxiety has shifted to something else.

When my partner got back from work, he took Monkey to the park and came back with ginger cake. I sent him out for pasta.

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