A catch up

This morning, we took the bikes on the school run. I had got my time to under 20 minutes by myself and just under 30 with Monkey.


We managed it, in just over 30 minutes getting there and it took me closer to 25 minutes and I had to walk some of that as I was so exhausted.

But its good to know that I haven’t gone right back to the start.

I have started my new routine, just to clarify incase you forgot, my partner has gotten a new job with set hours, unlike his previous job where he would work shifts.

This means, that although we know where he is on a day to day basis, he can’t cover the school run at all,

Last school year Monkey missed a lot of school due to my anxiety and I am not willing to let that happen again, so I have to get through this and just pray it gets easier.

Also with this new job, it means that I can start considering getting an evening job or maybe working nights. Its something to think about.

Finally I was going through my memories on facebook and realised that this time last year was when we moved. We still haven’t gotten any of the furniture I wanted due to various different things, but this is something we are going to concentrate on.

I think I have stagnated with my mental health since then, I am on an even keel but I don’t seem to be taking that one extra step that will get me back to work.


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