Lets talk politics.

Yeah I know, I know. But to be honest I am going to have to laugh otherwise I will cry at the shitstorm that is going on in the UK politics.

Its all over Brexit, Brexit is something which we had a vote about some 3 years ago. Very very basically, its about us staying or leaving the EU, which is a bunch of European countries working together. Its a bit like the hokey cokey, does the UK want to take a step in and stay or a giant leap out and leave.

Well we voted to leave, then the Prime Minister at the time quit. So we got a new one, she has quit, so we have gotten a new one. Think Trump but posher and more intelligent.

As it stands we are looking to leave the EU without a deal or knowing what the hell is going on at the end of October.

Boris Johnson, fired most of Teresa May’s cabinet, put his own in, but the important thing is, his government only had a majority of 1, so as long as his party all agreed, they could get anything through. But just incase he called an end to parliament, this will allow the UK to leave without a deal at the end of October and because he had a majority of 1 he could get away with this, as long as his party all agreed

1 Tory member quit and went over to a different party. Then because 21 members of his party didn’t agree with what he was doing, he fired all of those 21, making them all independents.

Then because his motions for leaving the EU without a deal got defeated 3 times, he tried to go for a general election, because at the moment he can’t get fuck all through parliament, this was also defeated for some reason I still can’t fathom, but I think the basic is the opposition don’t think they will win and they won’t.

Confused? So is everyone else, but its been fun watching this shitstorm, now we just got to wait and see what will happen. Till then we are all in limbo, the pound is down, house prices are falling, no one’s job is secure, we are looking at food shortages, medicine shortages and general mayhem.

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11 Responses to Lets talk politics.

  1. Tatterhood says:

    Ohhhhhh it’s a right clusterf**k… I’ve never been so embarrassed by the Government.

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  2. Mayhem is what politicians do best…besides lying.

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  3. KTC says:

    It seems the world, as a whole, is going to hell in a hand basket. Heck, look at us here in the U.S. Because of the yutz in charge, all the rats are showing themselves in the light of day. It is horrible the level of incivility and bigotry that I hear and see every day. Sadly, I wonder if their is anywhere any of us could run that wouldn’t be completely off their rockers… Hmm…

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  4. tockwith says:

    In the words of Corporal Fraser from Dad’sArmy…we are doomed, doomed. For those not familiar with this TV sitcom from the 1970’s..please just replace the word doomed with F***ed..and you will get to the same place. I don’t know if I need to laugh or cry about the mess we are in… 😮😮😮

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