Well thats me in trouble

I went to pick monkey up and the teacher called me over. Keep in mind this is a brand new teacher for this year, this is how the conversation went

Teacher: Hi, we were watching the news today and I asked the class if they knew what Brexit was. Monkey put his hand straight up and said yes, mummy talks about it alot

Me: I am very interested in it

Teacher: He then went onto inform the class that “mummy thinks the whole thing is a shitstorm”

Me: Ah, I didn’t realise he had overheard me use that term, I shall try and not do that again

Teacher: Thank you


The fact that when Monkey had asked me about Brexit, I had come out with that exact phrase is besides the point. We had a conversation about not repeating very bad words.

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6 Responses to Well thats me in trouble

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Oopsy! 😀 bad trina! Bad mama! hahahaha! 😀

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  2. masgautsen says:

    Bad words aside, it is true….

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  3. Tatterhood says:

    At least you didn’t say Clusterfuck – which is another definition of Brexit…

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