Is this an improvement?

In the afternoons, I try and go for a walk, it doesn’t matter where just as long as I am out for about half an hour.

The main reason for this, is while I am getting Monkey to school and back again and doing alright with it. I have to do this, I have to take him to school and I have to pick him up again, so what happens with my anxiety if I do something I don’t have to, like going for a walk for half an hour.

Last week, I was still finding my legs and my anxiety hit hard on Friday, so I skipped it.

Today I had to go a bit earlier and it interfered with my routine, but still I got outside and realised I had done that bit with no problem and then it started.

Did I turn off the kitchen tap?

Did I shut the fridge?

Did I shut the front door?

Are the cats going to be ok?

Did I leave the balcony door open?

Did I leave everyone with water?

Did I, Did I, Did I

After 15 minutes I cut it short and went home to check everything. Of course everything was fine, so no physically symptons, but my brain really upped the anti to compesate for that

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4 Responses to Is this an improvement?

  1. Luna(tik) Enigma says:

    Ugh I hate when that happens. Its hard to shut your brain off and relax into being out and about.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Oh dear! But I can relate! All too well! ❤

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