*Reblog* 200 FOLLOWERS!!!

Riya has hit over 200 followers, massive congratulations


Hey guys!! Time for second milestone for my blog….World Of My Thoughts has hit 200 followers. I THANK ALL MY FOLLOWERS AND READERS who have made this day special for me and my blog…

This is to cherish some of my very favorite old posts. They all are very close to my heart…

My first post and a humorous one: EXAMINATIONS

My first quote: QUOTE #1

I wrote this in my exam hall: STRESS

Written for my loved ones: CHAMP and WHO KNEW…?

How it feels to loose a buddy: QUOTE #7and MISSING YOU BUDDY


Check any of them or all, waiting for your responses….🌹🌸🌹🌸

It would be a pleasure to read some new stuff. So, you are always welcome to share your links of your blog or a specific post. I’ll surely read them all.

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5 Responses to *Reblog* 200 FOLLOWERS!!!

  1. Best wishes for your continued success.

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  2. Ok so….let me get this straight. Do you have 2 blogs…
    This one and World Of My Thoughts? Am I reading this post right? If so, I’d love to support you and your other one as well by becoming 201. Hit me back.

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    Congrats riya! xxx

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