Its a wee bit difficult

To write a mental health blog when your mental health is alright, I had a massive blip this afternoon trying to pick Monkey up and just wanted to go back to my little flat and curl up in bed.

However, I managed to get there and get back with minimal fuss, although I did have to speed fairly fast through some of it.

But that has been it, I am even sleeping alright, fell asleep at before midnight last night, woke up at 2am, went back to sleep and woke up in panic at 7am thinking it was too quite and gone 9am.

Its a weird place to be (again) but its nice, lets see how I keep on going, so I maybe writing a bit less, as my life is very boring. Most exciting thing is I won £25 on a competition.

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2 Responses to Its a wee bit difficult

  1. Carol Anne says:

    yay! congrats on winning something! Ya gotta write when life is boring too! xo

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