So does this mean I am getting more sane?

I had an appointment with my shrink today, to go over the medication (which I haven’t been taking) and general chit chat.

She seems to think I am doing fine, she is going to give my details to some type of course thing to teach me some more techniques based on dealing with anxiety.

Then thats where it ends, she is discharging me from the mental health team, which to be honest, I have been thinking about as well, apart from anything else, I have barely been able to attend an appointments, some down to having monkey with me, others because I have had anxiety attacks, but the thing is, they are not depressive, they are anxiety and there are other groups which can help me with those.

Of course as soon as she said all of this, there was a massive power cut in the building, so I have that is not some sort of sign.

I am going to have to process it and see how I feel, its a weird sort of a week, this week. Its my blogversary, 8th October is a year to the day we moved into our flat. This week I am having a mass clearout of stuff to get ready for Christmas and hopefully some new furniture.

I also want to finish all those jobs that I have started but haven’t finished, so I am going to make a conscience effort to get those all done. Although some are going to take a while, yes I am looking at the lego, which we are still going through.

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8 Responses to So does this mean I am getting more sane?

  1. Good to hear that you have other groups to help you with your anxiety. It’s a dreadful ‘disorder’ to have. Hope you’ve tried or will try CBT as I found it worked for both me and my patients.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    wow! big step trina! Good your in a better place now! Anxiety sucks, but I am glad you’ll have somewhere to go to help with it!

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